Personal Consultancy

Personal Consultancy is a framework for integrating coaching with counselling. 
This approach gives us flexibility to address external issues and challenges you may be facing, as well as explore and better understand your internal thoughts and feelings.

Here's the different steps to working with the Personal Consultancy model:

1. Being Heard
Developing an understanding of the change you would like to see. I listen intently to your feelings, thoughts and needs.

2. Finding Balance
Recognising and supporting the basis for change. Identifying your strengths, exploring blocked emotions and resolving internal conflicts.

3. Moving Forward
Planning and trying out new ways to embrace change. Using visualisations, forming goals, testing solutions, and working with new ways of thinking, feeling and doing.

4. Supporting
Reinforcing and supporting changes you have made. Helping you to overcome difficulties and identify other sources of support outside of our sessions.


You can contact me as follows:


Phone: 07823 816367



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