Nature Therapy

Walk & Talk

Nature therapy has many names*. As a relatively new therapeutic practice there is still much to be learned, however an increasing field of research is emerging with studies proving the benefits the outdoors can have to our mental wellbeing.

I love the outdoors and have always found being in nature a calming, grounding and therapeutic experience. Therefore, I offer counselling outdoors, if appropriate, to clients who feel they would benefit from this type of therapy. 

I have completed a BACP / Keele University accredited course on Nature as Co-therapist to ensure the safe and ethical practice of this type of counselling. I now also train this myself.

*Ecotherapy (Clinebell, 1996; Buzzell & Chalquist, 2009), biophilia (Wilson, 1984), ecopsychotherapy and ecopsychology (Roszak et al. 1995),adventure therapy (Richards, Carpenter & Harper, 2011), wild or wilderness therapy (Davis-Berman & Berman, 1994; Nick Totton, 2011), outdoor therapy (Revell, Duncan & Cooper, 2014; Jordan, 2015), green care (Sempik et al. 2010) and walk and talk therapy (Revell & McLeod, 2015). For me, the term nature therapy (Berger & McLeod, 2006) feels most relevant and refers to the therapeutic benefits that this type of work has to offer.



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