I offer Nature Therapy workshops that will deepen your relationship with the great outdoors and complement your own working practices.


“Outdoor therapy leads to a greater awareness of self, feelings of wellbeing and a sense of  connection with others and the world." (Kaye Reynolds, 2005)


Nature As Co-therapist - 1 Day

Workshop Overview

There’s been significant research in recent years to support the positive effect nature has on mental and physical wellbeing. So how can we use nature in our own work as therapists? 


By the end of this workshop you will:

  • Understand what nature therapy is
  • Understand and develop your own relationship with nature
  • Understand the benefits of using nature in therapeutic practices
  • Be aware of challenges of taking therapy outdoors
  • Gain insight into how you might use nature in your own practice

This workshop is experiential, we will be outside for parts of the day – whatever the weather!

I can deliver this workshop at a place of your choosing. Ideally the location will have easy access to green space. 

I can also customise workshops to suit your needs.


More workshops coming soon!


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