Having worked in learning and development for over 20 years, I have extensive experience of coaching leaders and executives of all levels and offer a range of coaching interventions.

Coaching can help you to achieve specific personal or professional goals and move you forwards if you’re feeling stuck.

Coaching is different to counselling in that the coach may be directive and is often seen as the ‘expert’. 

To be a great coach, I believe you need to have an understanding of the human psychee, so my counselling training and business experience,  enhances my coaching capabilities.

I have worked in both corporate and SME businesses, so understand the pressures and challenges  each brings. I am also highly experienced in people management and the stress/burnout that comes with high-level responsibility. 

I've been the Managing Director of a global learning and development business and am therefore able to empathise and understand first hand, the challenges of the working environment today. Particularly having led a business through the COVID pandemic.

My learning and development experience also means I have extensive knowledge and  skills, with a wide range of interventions to help you to achieve your goals and be even more successful!


You can contact me as follows:


Phone: 07823 816367



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